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Rodgers Global Leadership Consortium is a global provider of leadership development training, coaching, and consulting for enterprises of all sizes. Our mission: “Equipping Leaders to Soar”, is engraved in everything we do. By providing an environment of growth, empathy, wellness, belonging, and support our leaders can better lead teams and make effective decisions. Leaders need programs that are customized to meet their specific needs which is where Rodgers Global Leadership Consortium comes in. We provide training for the beginner, limited-experienced and seasoned leadership professional. According to a survey, 68% of workers said that development and learning were the main reasons they quit their jobs. Let’s work together to create an equitable workplace where everyone excels, and turnover is next to none.

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Service Offerings

Leadership Programs

Leadership Development Programs for the novice, middle manager, and senior leader.

Consultant Services

Consulting services that enable enterprises to increase profitability and produce results.

Leadership Coaching

Coaches’ leaders to improve performance, eliminate mental blockers & meet goals.

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