Leadership Development Programs for high-performers, leaders, and individual contributors to thrive in their career.

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Leadership Development is an important part of growth for all organizations that are seeking to create equitable, supportive, and collaborative work environments. Recent studies have shown a increase in organization turnover due highly due to lack of professional development opportunities for all employees.

Our leadership development programs are customized to individual teams and organizational needs. There is a major focus on our Flightier Program. That program is for those that are interested in going into a leadership roles and/or accepting leadership opportunities. This program prepares individual contributors with necessary skills, competencies, and support to soar in this role.

Our Soar Program is for those that have leadership experience but recognize there is room for improvement. They know they want to go to the next level in their career and are ready to make the necessary changes to meet those goals. Through immersions, and intense coaching these individuals will be equipped with necessary tools to soar and lead others to success. This program is popular with organizations that have a need for transformation in leadership regarding communication, empathy, diversity, and grievances.

Our Foundation Program is for executive leaders within the organization that need extra support. As an executive, major decisions have to be made that impact the entire organization. Those in these programs seek out support regarding growth, strategy, assistance with balancing priorities, navigating workplace challenges, revenue generation, workplace dynamics, relationships, career journey, and a sounding board regarding direction.

Our program is also available to individuals seeking guidance or growth in their personal leadership journey without the assistance of their organization.  Click here to get started today: Consumer Leadership Coaching Packages




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